We are excited to welcome back Dr. Ashley Tichy from maternity leave! Call today to book your next appt with her.

We are excited to welcome back Dr. Ashley Tichy from maternity leave! Call today to book your next appt with her.

Travel Certifications

Looking to travel with your pet to another country for vacation, business, or permanent relocation? PRVH can assist you in obtaining an International Health Certificate (IHC). If you are looking to book an appointment at our hospital for travel, please see the information panel, FAQ’s, links, and appointment request form below. 

travel certifications

Info Panel: 

  • Our staff is able to assist in completing and submitting IHC (International Health Certificates) for all countries listed on the USDA APHISs’c website with the exception of Red Banner countries (please scroll down to see what countries fall under Red Banner). If your country of destination has an “Orange Banner”, we do possess the right to deny requests for an IHC. 
  • If you are working with a Pet Relocation service or agency, please let us know when requesting an appointment. Many agencies have a timeline  that they recommend pet parents to follow, and for the best assurance that your IHC is completed on time, our staff would like to be privy to that information to help them with what they need. 
  • Before requesting an appointment, it is required that the pet parent does their own research into what their country of destination requires for pet travel, along with their airline of choice. Our team is here to help you as much as we can but there will be an associated research fee added onto the cost of the visit. We have included the USDA’s “Pet Owner Worksheet For Obtaining An International Health Certificate” link below.  https://www.aphis.usda.gov/pet...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • “How long does it take to get an IHC (International Health Certificate)?”
    • Each certificate differs from the last and is dependent upon several factors such as the date of vaccination(s), flight plans, USDA and individual country requirements, etc. 
  • “Can I travel with multiple pets?” / “Do I need a certificate for each of my pets?” 
    • Most countries have a certificate that allows up to a certain amount of animals (typically 5 or less) on one form. Each pet does need to be up to date on all required vaccines and services listed by the USDA though. 
  • “Do I have to get a separate certificate for the airline I’m traveling with?”
    • Every airport has their own requirements for pet travel, especially when it comes to where on the plane the pet will be. We and the USDA recommend checking with the airline you are flying with directly for any questions you might have. 


  • International Health Certificate: $350.00
  • Standard Health Certificate: $140.00
  • Additional Consultation: $85.00 
  • USDA Endorsement Fees (separate from hospital fee): Start at $38.00 and increase based on the individual countries requirements

Orange/Purple Banner Countries

  • Our staff and doctors DO NOT assist in international health certificates to certain Orange Banner countries UNLESS you are using a Pet Relocation Service or Agency and have informed us of your travel dates at least 3 weeks before the start of your country of destination requirements. 
    • Please see the list of countries below (subject to change):
      • China
      • Haiti
      • Germany
      • Oman
      • Pakistan 
      • Ukraine
      • Cuba
      • Australia 
      • Hawaii or Guam
  • If your country of destination is not on the USDA’s website, there is a possibility we can assist but all research must be done by the pet owner in totality before we can take it on. Please call us for all inquiries at 973-736-7810!

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