Orthopedic Surgery

If your typically active pet is having trouble moving, it may have a ligament injury or musculoskeletal issue that requires pet surgery. These conditions can significantly impact your pet’s quality of life if you do not seek prompt pet care. Fortunately, your veterinarian near you at Prospect Ridge Veterinary in West Orange, NJ, offers orthopedic surgery to help pet patients in West Orange and Livingston, NJ, move freely and comfortably again. We are here to tell you about orthopedic surgery and how it can restore your pet’s health and mobility.

Orthopedic Surgery

Purpose of Orthopedic Pet Surgery

Our veterinarian primarily uses orthopedic surgery to treat musculoskeletal issues impacting your pet’s mobility. Orthopedic surgery eases your pet’s discomfort and pain while resolving its musculoskeletal problems permanently. Pet surgery can repair fractured bones and torn ligaments, treat chronic conditions, and correct congenital defects that impair your pet’s movement. These procedures should help your pet regain most or all of its mobility and improve its quality of life.

When to Consider Orthopedic Surgery

Your veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s condition to determine the specific cause of its mobility issues and pain. X-rays and advanced imaging may be necessary to accurately diagnose your pet’s health issue. Your veterinarian will then recommend treatment options based on the results.

While minor musculoskeletal issues may resolve with medication and adjustments to your pet’s lifestyle, severe injuries like broken bones, ligament tears, and hip dysplasia often require surgery. Discuss orthopedic surgery with your veterinarian near you if your pet’s condition or injury impacts its movement and quality of life. This operation will promote quicker healing and protect your pet from further damage during its recovery period.

Surgical Recovery

Post-surgical care is crucial for ensuring your pet makes a complete recovery. You must restrict your pet’s exercises for several weeks after surgery. Your pet may also require rehab after its operation to help restore its strength and mobility. Our veterinarian may prescribe medication to ease your pet’s pain and discomfort as it recovers. Talk with our veterinarian to learn more about how you can ensure your pet’s recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Improve Your Pet’s Health and Well-Being With Orthopedic Surgery Today

If your pet’s injury or condition significantly impacts its quality of life and you need pet surgery from a trusted “veterinarian near you,” look no further than Prospect Ridge Veterinary in West Orange, NJ. We can help restore your pet’s mobility and ensure it lives a healthier and happier life, so call us and schedule an appointment at our animal hospital today at (973) 736-7810 if you live in West Orange or Livingston, NJ.

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