We are excited to welcome back Dr. Ashley Tichy from maternity leave! Call today to book your next appt with her.

We are excited to welcome back Dr. Ashley Tichy from maternity leave! Call today to book your next appt with her.


Are you in search of a reliable place to board your pet? Standard facilities may not offer the kind of care your pet needs. Medical boarding provides more in-depth care for pets with illnesses, injuries, or other conditions. Need a vet near you who offers this service? At Prospect Ridge Veterinary in West Orange, we provide medical boarding. Find out more about how our veterinarian can ensure your pet receives the best care during their stay at our vet clinic!

Dog Boarding

Why Might Pets Need Medical Boarding?

Do you have an older pet who takes medication, or a pet with special dietary needs or other medical needs? Traditional boarding facilities might not have the right staff to handle these situations. With medical boarding, our pet doctor ensures that pets receive medication or other treatment as needed.

Consider this kind of arrangement at our vet clinic under these conditions:

• You have a senior pet with health issues that need to be managed carefully

• You have a pet recovering from an injury

• Your pet has an illness that requires special care

• Your pet has specific dietary needs

Our pet doctor and trained staff can administer medications, follow dietary instructions, or provide other care that your pet needs. This gives you peace of mind that your furry friend is in good hands!

What Does Medical Boarding Include?

This service provides a safe place for pets to stay and receive care. Our veterinarian can conduct a wellness check or provide pet dental care during your pet’s stay if needed. We can also treat your pet for acute or chronic conditions or injuries. Is your pet recovering from an illness or injury? We can monitor their progress while they stay with us. This might include adjusting medication or treatment approaches if needed to ensure a full recovery.

Which Communities Do We Serve?

Our animal hospital provides high-quality medical boarding for pets from several local communities, including all of the following:

• Livingston

• South Orange

• Verona

• Montclair

• Roseland

• Essex Fells

• West Caldwell

• Short Hills

• Millburn

• East Hanover

• Florham Park

• Glen Ridge

Find Quality Boarding in West Orange, NJ

Need a veterinarian near you for medical boarding? We can help! Call (973) 736-7810 to schedule this service at Prospect Ridge Veterinary. Our animal hospital offers this service for pet owners in and around West Orange, including Millburn East Hanover, Livingston, and more! We also offer pet dental care and other services.

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