Prospect Ridge Veterinary Hospital

West Orange, NJ 07052-1407


Keep Your Companion Healthy With Pet Vaccinations

Prospect Ridge Veterinary Hospital in West Orange, New Jersey, offers vet services for all types of animal illnesses. From preventative care, including pet vaccinations and wellness exams, to major surgeries, your pet will receive the best care from us. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including dental and full body x-rays. In addition to medical care, we offer grooming, boarding, and hip screenings.

Vet Services

In an effort to keep your pet in good health so they live a long life, we provide a full range of examinations, vaccinations, and consultations. All of our services are tailored to your companion's breed and specific needs. We offer annual and semi-annual wellness exams, as well as:

  • Geriatric Services
  • Health Certificates for Travel
  • Illness & Injury
  • Pre-Surgical Consultations
  • Pain Management
  • Ultrasound Services
  • Echocardiography
  • Hip Screenings (Penn Hip Certification)
  • Dental Health
  • Hospice
  • Euthanasia Consultations
  • Internal Medicine Consultations
  • In house laboratory/emergency testing
  • Emergency services with extended hours


Treatments & Procedures

Our goal is to provide your pet with the best care to ensure overall wellness and happiness. From simple declawing and ear cleanings to major surgery, your pet can have a better quality life thanks to our treatments and procedures. Our medical professionals will guide you and your pet through preparation, treatment, and rehabilitation of surgeries. If your pet will benefit more from a specialist, we will provide recommendations and referrals. We also offer pet dentistry, including radiographs, ultrasonic dental scaling and polishing, extractions, gingivectomies, and oral growth removals. Our other procedures include:

  • Abdominal Explorations
  • Anal Sac Surgeries
  • Aural Hematoma
  • Bladder Surgery
  • C-Section/Dystocia
  • Microchipping
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Tail Docking
  • Trauma Sugery
  • Tumor/Growth Removal

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy applied with the Companion Therapy Laser System® provides a sterile, pain-free, surgery-free, and drug-free treatment which is used to treat a variety of conditions. Whether your pet is rehabilitating from trauma or injury, healing from wounds, or simply aging, he or she will benefit from this advanced technology and revolutionary new approach to veterinary medicine. The treatment is designed to stimulate the body to heal from within. Non-thermal photons of light are administered to your pet's body and absorbed by the injured cells. The cells are stimulated to respond with a higher rate of metabolism thus increasing circulation and generating an anti-inflammatory reaction for pain relief and accelerated healing. This treatment can help with:

  • Arthritis
  • Back/Neck Pain
  • Bladder Infections
  • Chronic Anal Sac/Ear Infections
  • Dermatological Problems

  • Fractures
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Skin Lesions, Injuries, or Incisions